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Alan’s little lovely – any clues?

Alan 3

Got this message from a reader recently:

I acquired a very cool folding bike from the Rozelle Markets a few weeks ago. I was originally looking for a Raleigh folder in good nick to recondition, but this one was just too cool to ignore…I have searched through google and haven’t found any reference to this bike or the maker. It would be really appreciated if you could post images of it on your site to see if anybody knows anything about this brand and origins.

So post I will, with a nod of appreciation to Alan’s attention to detail in the photos – love your work.

alan 2

alan 1

alan 4

Wow, it’s a beauty, hope someone can tell us more.

Over to you.

Mozambique Island

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have been lucky enough to spend the last three weeks on the stunning Mozambique Island with my friends from Ilha Blue who run bike tours on these classic Hero bikes, the favoured bicycle of the island; not small wheeled, but packed full of style. I spied a few kids on small wheelers, but didn’t have camera in hand, except for this one…sturdy.


Barcelona retrospective

Metro bikes BarcelonaSo many wonderful things about Barcelona, not least of which is the metro bike scheme…these are the bikes! Little and red and perfect. Unfortunately I couldn’t hire one as they are only for people living in Spain (and they only cost €35 per year, brilliant.) But second best for a day of two-wheeled cruising was this…IMAG0494hired from Green Bikes for only €2 an hour. Magic.

Barcelona is little bike heaven, they are everywhere, here are a few that I managed to catch standing still






Barcelona Barri GothicI am assuming the missing seats are an extra security measure, not the result of a seat thief…



2 cities, 2 fences, 2 little blue bikes

East Village, Manhattan, New York
Mon 22 April…


Bonnington Square, Vauxhall, London
Wed 24 April…






Does this count?

Brooklyn v Manhattan

Well looky here, 2 days in the beautiful city of  Manhattan, retro bikes on every corner, but nary a little bike to be seen. Not a one.

Then 20 minutes in  Brooklyn and what do I spy on Union Ave…


Not only an elusive Peugeot, but orange, my favorite colour.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment where I am staying, tucked in under the stairs waiting for me to notice…image

More orange folding gorgeousness.

Brooklyn:2, Manhattan: 0

Mayfarer …or is that Wayfarer?

 mayfarer decal

Just when I’d thought I’d seen all the folders there were to see,
just before I head off on a two-month adventure over three continents,
just while I have a million little jobs to do before I go,
what do I spy on the corner of Westgarth and Brunswick Streets in good old Fitzroy?
This little beauty…


Have a look at these lovely old hard-plastic grips


and the gear changer


chain guard


folding mechanism


looks like it’s British made – by Apollo




By the way, about that trip? One of two things will happen, Little Bike Blog will be quiet for a good while, or I will work out how to post from my smartypants phone, (or how to make my smartypants not-an-iphone talk to my fancypants mini ipad) and who knows? Anything could happen, depending on the little bike population and the little bike blogger’s inclination.

Stand by.