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Better late than never

June 12, 2015

Smith St Purple detail cropped

Welcome to Little Bike Blog.

Little Bike Blog is now retired as a regular blog, but remains a site for little bike lovers to peruse an idiosyncratic collection of little bikes (and accompanying thoughts).

All the bikes on this site were spotted by me, mostly in my inner-city neighbourood in Melbourne, Australia, though there are also some international additions. It’s amazing how many little vintage bikes there are out there.

I have categorized posts by bike type, if that’s what you are looking for (don’t expect any technical information, it’s not that kind of blog), or you can just scroll backwards through my three years of bike discoveries (if that’s the kind of thing you like doing).


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  1. Hello LBB,
    I love your little bike blog and I’m sad that you’re not posting any more. I’m also into little bikes and as it happens I’m the chap in the blog with the red moulton. I just wanted to say hi & maybe convince you to continue the little bike story. Either way, I’d love to be in touch from one little bike fan to another.

    All the best, James.

    • Oh how lovely. I do sometimes get a bit whistful when I pass a little bike, I loved the blogging project, not just for the little bike camaraderie but as a regular writing project as well, However feel it completed itself, I found myself passing bikes and not taking pictures, as I had come to recognise most of them. I do however still put a little bike blog card on little bikes in the hope that people will visit the site and share the LBB love.

      • oh oops! Forgot I had changed my wordpress gravatar from LBB to my professional one. The truth is out!

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