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November 30, 2013

Decal Smith St Purple detail 2

I am starting this post with one of the bikes that started this blog: this sublime purple Raleigh, complete with original vinyl carry bag, parked in Smith Street in 2010. (Featured here). I had just acquired a little bike of my own, a green folding Gitane, and started seeing little bikes everywhere. Since then I have spotted and snapped a myriad of them in Fitzroy and beyond (as far beyond as Barcelona) and have posted them here. I have gone from knowing nothing about the little lovelies, to knowing more than enough to brand me a little-bike tragic.

For the last six months I have been passing the little ones on the street with a smile and a nod of recognition, but the camera stays in my pocket. This suggests the collection is complete. Quite a satisfying thought.

Okay, so my secret wish of becoming some kind of Fitzroy little-bike-spotting legend, drawing together a local brethren of little bike riders, each eagerly awaiting the moment when their bike gets Little Bike Blog calling card, never really eventuated (lucky I never said it out loud so no one knows my failed dream, people won’t laugh and point at me on the street), but on the other hand I have had some very pleasing responses from people who have received the calling card, like the comment from Karin when I posted her Eska (Made in Czechoslavakia) and I have written some posts that I still think are quite funny (Dear Little Bike Blog) which is  quite an achievement in itself, so yes, I can tick the Quite Satisfied box, hope that little bike lovers who stumble across the blog in the future find it edifying, amusing or both, and shall now move on to the next writing adventure.

There is just one more thing to add to finish the collection, which is a small selection of delicious decals that I have snapped over the years, from bikes of all sizes. Enjoy.

Decal Gitane 70s 2

Decal Blue Madison detail

decal Graecross decal

decal hanimex detail

decal sears

decal ladies sport

decal univega 2

decal Bates decal

Decal Phillips name

Decal polaris

Decal Standish

Decal Livingston

decal Hudco

decal Hartley (part of olympic and pattina)

decal Waverly  2

Decal Stewart special

  1. Enjoyed your posts, thanks for sharing x

  2. Roz Dermondy permalink

    Dear Lou,

    I’m a bit sad to hear of the end of the little bike blog but understand it’s time to move on if your spirit is no longer moved to record your sightings.

    I hope that there might be another blog or some other missive in the public domain.

    Roz xx

    Sent from my iPad


    • Ah Roz, my number one fan you’re a honey. It just really moved itself on and I was feeling neglectful (not sure of whom: the post, the bikes I passed, my handful of followers? ) Have loved it and I think my writing has gained a lot from it. Stand by what ever comes next (am about to submit my kids novel – reworked – to another publisher… third time lucky perhaps? Who can say.)

  3. and thanks from me,Ms Little Bike Blogger.Yours was a little slice of heaven.I’m sorry to see it go.



    • Thanks Ian, it just went of it’s own accord really, so thought I’d make it official rather than have it just fade away. It was a bit sad to write the last post, but it got rid of the nagging guilt. I am chuffed that you found it a slice of heaven. Thanks.

  4. I’ve enjoyed your posts, LBB. Best wishes for your next project.


    • thanks Peter, it was a fun project, that’s for sure, and nice to have my few regular little bike tragics like you.

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