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Raleigh with hand painted helmet

July 21, 2013

raliegh with helmet

Dear Ms Raleigh,

here’s the thing, I love your bike. Everyone reading this blog loves your bike, we are a niche on-line clique who are big lovers of little bikes.

And the thing I love best is when little bike riders take up the offer on the card I leave on their bike to tell us about their little ride: where did you get it? (retro little bikes are hard to come by), does it make you stupidly happy when you ride it?

Dear readers, these and other questions may be answered in good time, should Ms Raleigh chose to accept the invitation (and assuming the card didn’t blow away, there’s a big breeze ablowing out there today.)  In the mean time, here are some pics of her bike for you to enjoy…

raleigh pedal

Love that pedal, think I have a bit of pedal envy

raleigh brakes

raleigh rear

Nice bit of home styled porteur work here

made in england

A bit of provenance

raleigh front

Posing on the corner of Johnston and Brunswick Streets where she was discovered
by LBB on a sparkly but chilly Sunday afternoon.


PS. Why do I assume the rider is a Ms? I am not one to subscribe to gender stereo types but am working on a combination of probability and instinct: can’t see this bike and its lovingly detailed helmet being ridden by someone who goes by Mrs, Miss or Mr… apologies if I am off the mark.



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  1. Shogun permalink

    The pedal that you show is a Raleigh cost-saving model. It has inferior bearings and no adjustment capability. My advise -stick to the original design.

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