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Alan’s little lovely – any clues?

June 28, 2013

Alan 3

Got this message from a reader recently:

I acquired a very cool folding bike from the Rozelle Markets a few weeks ago. I was originally looking for a Raleigh folder in good nick to recondition, but this one was just too cool to ignore…I have searched through google and haven’t found any reference to this bike or the maker. It would be really appreciated if you could post images of it on your site to see if anybody knows anything about this brand and origins.

So post I will, with a nod of appreciation to Alan’s attention to detail in the photos – love your work.

alan 2

alan 1

alan 4

Wow, it’s a beauty, hope someone can tell us more.

Over to you.

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  1. Its a beauty, first of all reminded me of a royal enfield but not with that oriental lettering. I looked up Du Juan (means cuckoo in Chinese) and found this: but there isn’t much more info… keep us updated though!

  2. Graham permalink

    Hey! I finally found someone else that has a cuckoo! I have a couple, both blue. I have spent many hours researching this bike, can’t find anything except ads from Asian gumtree type sites. It’s definitely Chinese.

  3. Alan permalink

    Thanks littlewheeler… Not much around on the net about this bike is there…
    Graham, can we see pics of your Cuckoo bikes?… Have you tried restoring them?

    • Graham permalink

      Hi Alan. Yeah I have restored 1 , what’s your email I can send some photos.

      • Alan Wigg permalink

        Cheers Graham, would love to check out the pics..

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Iv got an dujua. In Australia

    • Adam permalink

      I have a blue one also in Australia if anyone’s interested

  5. edmondsali permalink

    I have a blue cuckoo in Australia and am looking to sell it if anyone is interested. let me know

  6. Chloe permalink

    I have just purchased one of these in blue. Im in Perth WA.

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