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Mayfarer …or is that Wayfarer?

April 13, 2013

 mayfarer decal

Just when I’d thought I’d seen all the folders there were to see,
just before I head off on a two-month adventure over three continents,
just while I have a million little jobs to do before I go,
what do I spy on the corner of Westgarth and Brunswick Streets in good old Fitzroy?
This little beauty…


Have a look at these lovely old hard-plastic grips


and the gear changer


chain guard


folding mechanism


looks like it’s British made – by Apollo




By the way, about that trip? One of two things will happen, Little Bike Blog will be quiet for a good while, or I will work out how to post from my smartypants phone, (or how to make my smartypants not-an-iphone talk to my fancypants mini ipad) and who knows? Anything could happen, depending on the little bike population and the little bike blogger’s inclination.

Stand by.

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