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A bike for Stuart’s beloved

March 13, 2013

Bike lovers –  we have a reader contribution!

And just in the nick of time… I’ve been in the grip of blogger’s existential angst and just today was considering  pressing pause on Little Bike Blog when I came home to find a message from Stuart in my inbox

This is Stuart’s wife’s new bike as found…

Stuart's gitane before

And this is what he he transformed it to…

Stuart's Gitane

and this is what he had to say about it…

this is how it ended up! rechromed and rebuilt original wheels, new 2 pack paint, new decals, everything polished. I think I like riding it more than my wife! The back story is that she wanted a retro bike like some of her friends had, but I promised her I would do something a bit different, and restore a genuine French retro bike. it is all original, even the lights work. I had a lot of enjoyment restoring it, and it gets heaps of comments! I love looking on this blog, have been lurking for a while, there are some real nice bikes on there. Nice work!

(Note how I left in the bit about how he likes the blog…was that wrong?)

And here is what I have to say about it:
1. NICE RED! (everyone knows red bikes go faster)

2. love the addition of the congratulatory beer in the photo

3. did you take a leaf out those make-over shows when you were taking the ‘before’ shot? Not really showing it in its best light crammed into the workshop, unflattering angle etc.

4. very exciting to see a non-folding small wheeled Gitane – it’s a Little Bike Blog first

5. hooray for Stuart, you have restored my faith that we little bike folk like to see what each other are up to.

  1. Lisa permalink

    This looks amazing. Well done Stuart! Your finished product has certainly shamed me into making the to to get my little bike restoration completed. Thanks for sharing

  2. stuart i love this bike! and i love this blog. once a month or so i make a nice cup of fennel and liquorice tea and catch up on all the little bikes and fill myself with awe and envy. i have even found myself identifying gorgeous little bikes with gorgeous little features in the streets of our town. one day, one day…

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Thanks Lisa! What are you restoring?

    • Lisa permalink

      I found a little Malvern Star at the dump. She is all sprayed up in a fabulous shade of red now I just have to put it all back together again.

    • Oh yay, Lisa I was wondering how your Malvern Star was going. Don’t forget to send me before and after.

  4. kellylappan permalink

    dont give up little bike blogger…i enjoy reading it and i dont even own a bike!!the world needs little bike blog! x

    Sent from Samsung mobileLitt

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