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The one that didn’t get away

January 12, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot only did this one not get away, it waited patiently for me to finish my frolic in the pool then go home and get my camera (it’s not very far), yes a REAL CAMERA, not just a phone.

With the lovely light and the lovely camera (fairly new, am still excited) I was able to focus close up on details like this…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


gosh! this is a new decal to me, it’s a Raleigh Denim – grooveee


But there’s more. All the while that I was keeping my eye on it in the pool, then slipping home for my camera, my imagination was running wild about what this was for…


Is it a docu-bike? Bike cam? Was it taking photos even as I was splashing around practicing my newly acquired skill of going backwards into an under-water handstand?

Sadly the answer is none of the above. I met the rider and she informed me the camera is kaput – only for decoration and a bit of front reflector action. Ah well. Still happy with my find.


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  1. Shogun permalink

    It says Polaroid Land Camera on the box. Looks a bit excessive for on-bike use 🙂
    I like the bell. I have one on one of my bikes and it clears the road for the next 100 metres:)

    • aha, nothing like a road clearing bell, especially such a pretty one. I have two bells on my bike, a small sweet ‘excuse me’ one that I use to notify pedestrians that I am passing on shared paths, and a big ding dong ‘out of my way stupid’ for other occasions, usually not pedestrian related.

  2. Roger Yorke-Hunt permalink

    Covertly mounted camera at the swimming pool? Said to be ‘kaput’? Hmmm…

  3. Roger Yorke-Hunt permalink

    I don’t know about that. Snap and ride off fast!

    • oh yeah, I was thinking more of the bike being parked and the photos just spitting out onto the ground.

  4. Roger Yorke-Hunt permalink

    And, the Raleigh head badge without an address (usually “Nottingham, England”, but replaced with “\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” in this case) means that it was produced either in a foriegn Raleigh factory, or, more likely, by an outsource vendor. Interesting. Here in the UK, we normally only get to see vintage Raleighs that were made at Nottingham.

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