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Hands-free net noodling

January 9, 2013

Gosh darn this interweb thingy is smart – look what links it came up with overnight?

Lindsay Pollack has been a musical  hero of mine since I saw him playing the watering can clarinet on some kids TV show about 100 years ago. He makes instruments from anything – carrot clarinet, camp-stool flute, bike pump bag pipe. He also is a beautiful player of balkan music  and has the most wonderful tone (whenever I think about getting a new clarinet to replace my cheapy cheap one I think of his tone on the watering can and figure I just need to practice more).

But enough about me – here’s the man…

couldn’t resist putting in this one as well

and for something a little less melodic but no less interesting…here’s a young Frank Zappa playing the bicycle.

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