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Speaking of cross promotion

November 5, 2012

I’m excited! A new little bike has been unearthed. Not by me, but by our friend the new recyclist.
And the name of this archeological wonder you ask? Allow me to present the Elswick Cosmopolitan.

Hitherto this little bike blogger knew only of the Elswick Hopper. (Gosh, the excitement seems to have made my language go all ye olde worlde. Who, I ask you, says ‘hitherto’ any more?)

And for a complete rundown of the Cosmopolitan and what it might take to restore it to its former glory, here’s the post it was featured in (or should I say: ‘in which it was featured’).

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  1. Shogun permalink

    Despite the frame stickers I think the “Cosmopolitan” is a Raleigh Twenty or equivalent. The “real” Cosmopolitan is shown at the link below;

  2. Apparently Elswick-Hopper merged with Falcon Cycles around the time this bike was made, then became Elswick-Falcon cycles for a short period. This bike has an Elswick-Falcon name on the seat tube…there’s some info on wikipedia etc. Hope I can get it going again !

  3. wow, you guys really know your stuff. Impressed.

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