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September 30, 2012

Spring sprang up and so did and some little bikes! Sadly my phone then sprang out of my pocket somewhere between Footscray and Fitzroy, taking my photos of the sprung bikes with it…bother.

One was a beauty that I’d never seen before – baby pink, Japanese, sports something commuter, that’s all I’ve got on that one.

The other I found in a tangle of bikes outside the Fitzroy library. It was a folder, a repco I think, with a dodgy home spray-paint job, sort of camouflage effect. I found the boy who owned it in the library. He let me photograph it and in return I showed him how to fold it up…I think he was impressed. But I never followed through with the photo on line…I hope he forgot to look.


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  1. Seen in Tokyo recently, the ironically named little folder the ‘Hummer’. (not too mention a plethora of strangely named little bikes).Not sure how to get the image to you but let me know if you want one.



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