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July 17, 2012

As usual, all the little bikes are hibernating over winter – I think it’s the slippery steel rims that keeps them cosied up in the hallway or the shed (depending on how loved they are/how wide the hallway is).

Just to keep the home fires burning, here’s a couple that I’ve been saving up for a rainy day.

First:  a Roadmaster. Not only a first on this page, but a first on this site – until now I’d only clocked the seats (saddles for the technically minded) with their very fine logo. But here, for your delight and edification, safely (if some what surreally) behind glass, is  a ridgy didge complete Roadmaster.

If you live in Melbourne you might be wondering what’s causing that reflective effect, it’s called the sun. Here’s an even better example of what the sun can do (apart from warm your bones and cheer your heart.) Working title: “Bike with Building”.

Arty eh?

Here’s a few less arty but more detailed views of this delightful little bike (which was on display in the window of what was once that strange but wonderful place called ‘Meet me at Mikes’ in Brunswick Street)…

Here’s that seat/saddle with the excellent logo I was talking about…

And second: speaking of seats, saddles and firsts, here’s another newy: 5 Rams, spied on Elizabeth Street in the city back in Autumn. The bike was pretty much totally trashed apart from the seat. Sad.

Stay snug.


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  1. That road master is beautiful! I especially love the chainguard on it, it looks like it should be in Paris, not Melbourne.

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