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Who’s pushing those pedals?

June 29, 2012

This is Vu. She loves her little Bianca (a Malvern Star shopper bike for those of you who came in late).

She says it’s the perfect size for her, and easy to ride. (Being of a similar height I agree).

In see quite a few Vietnamese women on these little bikes. In fact, I can distill the little bike riders I see in to two main groups: Vietnamese women in Richmond  (usually over about 35)  and hipsters in Fitzroy (definitely under 35).

Mostly it’s about the bikes here at little bike blog, not because I’m not interested in the riders, but because either I find  the bikes when they are unaccompanied, or the riders politely (or shyly) decline my offer to be in the photo. But not always. Here’s a little retrospective of some who’ve accepted…

Russ and his shiny shiny Malvern Star

Thanks chaps.

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  1. Great post, LBB !

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