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Three red bikes in two

May 23, 2012

What is it about Saturdays and red bikes? If you happened to have read   One day, three red bikes you will see a theme emerging.

On my way to the Vic Market last Saturday I came across this Family Star, Very shiny, a new lick of paint perhaps? It has some lovely details, and definitely looks like it’s had some loving recently…

Then at my destination, it looked like a bit of Bikezilla had escaped and gone it alone…

I know it’s not a little bike, but how could I resist that red, those lugs

and drop-outs

(oh no! Did I just say lugs and drop outs? I didn’t even know that I knew what those bits were called…) and not to mention this lovely toadstool this bell (phew, back on non technical-talk form).

From → Malvern Star

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  1. Really like your blog and also this Red Bike am sure people gona love it when they ride on it nice blog thanks

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