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May 19, 2012

To the untrained eye, the two shopper bikes I’m about to feature could just look like a couple of rusty relics. But to this little bike spotter, there is so much to to love about both of them.

Exhibit A: Apollo spotted outside Fitzroy Pool

I love its worn emerald green patina, (which the rider  has complemented with an emerald green stack hat)

and the cool and chunky font on the decal

and if you look closer, you can see my favourite detail, the embossed mudguard, (if you’ve been paying attention you might remember that little Graecross bikes have similar detailing)

But the best thing is that this guy is riding it, after finding it abandoned in his new house. Hooray for him.

Exhibit B: Family Star, spotted outside Footscray Station

The first thing that caught my eye was the  tyre. Initially I thought it was a lovely pattern, which it is, but technically it’s the standard Family Star pin striping worn through. Nice effect!

The second thing was the pegs.
A few years ago I knew a woman who used pegs to keep her trousers out of the chain. I thought this was a brilliant idea (especially for one who is fond of wide legged pants) and dutifully copied. I get many comments about them from fellow riders, and am secretly hoping that it will start a trend…maybe my dream is about to be realised, this could be the start of something big.

The third thing I loved about this bike, was its patience. There it was, right in front of me as I came down the stairs, just sitting there waiting for its rider to return. Faithful steed. Lovely.

From → Apollo, Malvern Star

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