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May 4, 2012

I love this blogging business.
Sometimes I sneak a peak at my stats to see how I’m doing in the blogoshpere.
My favourite thing is to look at the search terms
to see what people are looking for when they find me.
It’s mostly bike business (and occasionally the name of the blog, which is always gratifying) but sometimes there are a few curly ones.
I just had to share these two that I found today:
“Australian easy knitted coathanger covers”,
“step by step draw a fluffy dog”.
I suspect the back button was  deployed the post haste.

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  1. I’ve had some curly ones too – wish I’d written them down…Such fun!

  2. I had a flurry of visits for a single post from a Twitter link. Wish I could find the original poster and why they chose such an obscure post! Maybe because I mentioned the brand-name “Gios”. Over 170 visitors to that one post, about the same number that visit my blog in a month!

    I think I’m going to Google “step by step draw a fluffy dog” right now. If I had a band, that would def be the title of our next album.


  3. hmm – think I might just start a band so I can do that very thing…nice one Ben

  4. Couldn’t find your blog that way, but did find this very helpful tutorial on how to draw an owl:

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