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And another one

April 26, 2012

Speaking of red bikes and alien faces, how’s this for a forlorn little space critter?

This belongs to one of our old favourites, a Graecross (not Grace Cross – click here for the true tale of Miss Cross), spotted today in my very own street outside my local cafe. Sweet!

This model has an in-built locking mechanism, which I’ve endeavoured to feature in previous posts, but I today I think I’ve managed to get a better shot:

And here she is, front and back. Neither restored nor trashed, which is just the way I like my little bikes. Clearly a loved bike I’d say judging from the shiny matching helmet.

Now I don’t want to get too bike-spotterish (who am I kidding) but I have to admit, I think I’ve seen that rack before, on a Malvern Star…

I rest my case. But what does it mean? What does anything mean? Oh dear! Cross-pollinated bikes seem to be sparking off some kind of existential angst…oh the perils of being a blogger. It makes you QUESTION LIFE!

  1. Solongsummer permalink

    This grace cross has a headset range lock…I have a racer with same lock system that since moving house can no longer locate keys for…do you know much about them…ideally one could just order spares but I have no idea sadly. Any info is fab!

    • Hello there, no idea I’m afraid, am more a bike fancier than a bike fixer. This blog is retired now but I do like to answer any comments. Good luck with finding the keys. LBB

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