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One day, three red bikes

April 23, 2012

What’s a little bike spotter to do on a sunny Saturday, when she’s half way to a social engagement, (already a little bit late) and she spots a bike (she hasn’t had a sighting for over a month), but not just any little bike, a possible first… then she realises she has left her phone at home? Does she make the 20 minute round trip to get the phone to get the shot? You bet she does. Is she rewarded for putting bikes before people by two other sightings? Absolutely!

Bike 1.
This lovely battered old Mavern Star, complete with rider ( I don’t get that many riders happy to be in the shot, so  that’s a nice bonus). She  described her bike as a great gutter find. She goes everywhere on it.

Bike 2.
Bikezilla! Not small wheels, but many wheels, featured in an earlier post, too good to pass up. I love this bike. My clarinet and I got a lucky bearth on her playing music at a rally a couple of years ago, boy was I chuffed at the time, and I was chuffed to see her out and about again for the cause.

Bike 3

I’m not sure I’ve got an Elswick Hopper in the collection. Though this lovely detail looks a bit familiar

Here’s a few more details for those of you who like that sort of thing.

Is it just me or does that black bike light look like a grumpy little alien wishing I would bugger off and mind my own business?

PS for you bike restorers out there, I just found this site ( Cycle A2B) that details one man’s restoration of a number of vintage bikes, including an Elswick Hopper and a Raleigh Twenty.It’s pretty detailed and gorgeous.

  1. a space-hopper ! 😀

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