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Rough and ready

March 19, 2012

By contrast to Andrew’s pristine projects, here are a couple of rough diamonds spotted on my travels in Fitzroy on Saturday…Andrew would probably love to get his hands on them to bring them back to their former glory.

Love that name: Commuta 24

I haven’t seen these great repco handle bar reflectors since this Pink Repco post in 2010 (oh the memories! )

Here’s the full deal,  made in Melbourne no less.

And now for a bit of South Australian manufacturing… a Standish

Managed a blurry shot of the Decal (when will I ever learn, shoot from a metre away and crop later!)

A bit of rear detail, just because I can. (Note the subtle cable tie repair)

Very sturdy stand…is that anything to do with the name?

And here’s a first – I’ve managed to make a pedal look like a curious alien (or is it just me?)

PS. I thought I’d not heard of Standish before, but lowe! What did I just discover in my ‘interesting decals’ file? (I know I know tragic, but I can’t help it)…A Standish

or two

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I do so love this blog popping into my life. Always brightens my day. I really have to get a new bike!

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