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March 15, 2012

How sweet is this restoration? Regular readers may even recognise the lovingly detailed handy work as that of Andrew, previously featured in Revived and Dear Little Bike Blog (Disgruntled of Marrickville). It seems Andrew’s life mission is to rescue rusty little bikes and bring them back to their former glory, and don’t we love him for that?

This one, he tells me was: found under a roll of carpet way out west in Sydney outer burbs, was a darker blue but repainted a lighter version, took me 2 months to rebuild, its  a little 3 speed and hoots along nicely in hilly syd

And here’s another of his projects, a Family Star, originally red, that he girlied up a bit… just needs a fluffy dog in the basket.

And finally,also courtesy of Andrew,a bit of inspiration for the bike restorers out there who’ve ever wondered how to get a wood grain finish on a bike.

  1. andrew permalink

    looking good thanks mmmate
    rebuilding another 1 soon

  2. luke permalink

    hi,i have a malvern star family star trike 16″ wheels on the rear and 20″ wheel on front looking for some info but cant find any.any help would be appreciated.thanks luke.

    • WOW a family star trike! That’s a first for me.
      By the way, apologies for the slow response, have been in hibernation along with the little bikes. Now I have approved your comment there may be a reader out there who can help you. (though with my limited activity on this blog the last few months I may not have any readers left.)

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