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That Family Star girl

March 6, 2012

Remember Dissillusioned of Collingwood?

I rode past her today and asked if she’d ever seen the post I’d promised. She said she’d looked in vain. As predicted, she appeared to have bounced back from the disappointment, but I am putting a link to her post HERE in case she has another look.

From → Malvern Star

  1. lisa permalink

    Hello LBB,
    I am a recent owner of a delicious Family Star that I rescued from the tip! yes, the tip! I am delighted to find your blog as my bike had lost all its stickers and it was difficult to find out what model and make it was. So, thank you for posting, and thank you to the owners who are happy for you to snap their beloved bikes!
    Best regards,
    Sunshine Coast

    • thanks Lisa. Am double happy. 1. because you rescued a Family Star from the tip, and 2. because you like the blog. Thanks for writing.

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