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This one’s for you

February 19, 2012

I see many a gorgeous old regular-sized-wheeled bike in my travels in the inner north; I am particularly drawn to those that are in original condition. I sigh with appreciation but don’t photograph them because:
a. being large of wheel they are not in my brief
b. if I changed my brief to include these lovely bikes I would have to give up my day job for all the posting I’d be doing.
But every now and then I’m tempted to stop and snap, and on Thursday, outside the Fitzroy Library, I succumbed to temptation.

This one is for those readers of mine who love an old bike and don’t discriminate about wheel size.

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  1. I won’t let on that you’ve been out snapping “big” bikes, LBB! (If I only photographed the “little” adult bikes I saw locally then, sadly, I think I would only be able to post once every six months!) That bike’s an old beauty all right …

  2. andrew permalink

    very cool repco 26″ vintage

  3. andrew permalink

    + this bike might be an old workshop bike from williamstown navy base ?

  4. a bit of Melbourne history, I like it!

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