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February 13, 2012

Well here’s an old friend I haven’t seen for a while: a Graecross.

When this blogging business all began I used to think they were called Grace Cross, (here’s an early post to prove it) and I still think that’s a better name.

I like to think of Grace Cross as a pioneering cycling type, forging ahead in a male dominated field, championing the small-wheeled step-through in an age of drop-handled racers, standing up in the pedals for plain-clothed cyclists who just wanted to pop round the shop or dawdle through the park (cue heroic yet sentimental orchestral music), Grace would’ve shunned lycra and high-vis (music swells), she would’ve pedaled on the footpath and beamed at passing pedestrians as she gently swerved around them, and they would’ve beamed back, their lives a little brighter for having crossed her path (music peaks). Grace is the original bicycle chic heroine and we salute her! She reclaimed cycling for:

and for:

And she designed a jolly sweet ride to boot.

Note the handy built in lock...

...the sturdy stand...

...the practical yet delicately detailed mudguards...

...the well sprung seat and the snappy pack rack...

...and the all-encompassing chain guard.

We ladies and women of the two small wheels thank you Grace, where ever you are, for your passion and your vision.

The end.

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  1. Long live Grace!

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