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Bianca, Bianca, Bianca

February 11, 2012

Courtesy of one of my scouts,  new to the esteemed and elite ranks of little bike spotters, I now have a trio of Biancas for your delectation.

Number one is my new addition – here it is in it’s entirety: delicious!

I featured number two in my last post, so I won’t bang on about it.

And number three was posted in Bicycle Chic Fitzroy Style when this blog was in its infancy and I hadn’t yet realised how many little bike models Malvern Star produced. It’s one of my favourite bike shots.

And here’s an interesting point of comparison (if you like that sort of thing), two of the seats (if I were a proper bike nerd I’d say saddles) have the same pink piping, but different lettering. I know which one I prefer.

PS. Every now and then I try to find some information on line about Malvern Star’s back catelogue, but I keep coming up with this wretched Little Bike Blog. Sigh.

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