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Dear Little Bike Blog

February 5, 2012

Dear Little Bike Blog,
You took a photo of my newly acquired Family Star about 2 weeks ago and promised it  would be posted in a few days. What happened? How can I have faith in anything if I can’t take you at your word?


Dear Disillusioned,
I fully understand how this could cause you to question your faith in humanity. I bailed you up with such enthusiasm and you were very patient while I gushed about this being a new model in my collection. But did I follow through? No. I’ve let us both down Disillusioned of Collingwood. Being of cynical middle age, weighed by down crow’s feet and past disappointments, I may never recover, but I have confidence that your youth and your fabulous sense of style (your hot pink fringe sets off your tatts to a tee) will help you weather this crisis. Who knows, you may even emerge a better person. In the mean time, I hope you can salvage some joy from this belated posting of your beloved bike.

Little Bike Blog

Dear Little Bike Blog,
What about me? I sent you some photos ages ago, and nary a word! You bleat on about how excited you are to get reader contributions, but I suspect it’s all hot air. Or is is because one of the bikes is a dragstar, I heard you are a bit bikist when it comes to low-riders.


Dear Disgruntled,
You’re not wrong about the hot air. It was so horribly hot here that even the small effort of moving one’s fingers over a key board was too hard. The nasty northerly wind sucked out all my will to live, let alone post. (I’m sure that you, as an erstwhile Melburnian, can empathise.) I had to go the beach for the week to escape and I left the laptop home to guard the manor. But rest assured, you were on my mind the whole time; I could barely enjoy the crystal clear waters of Wilsons Prom for the guilt.

So now, without further ado, I herewith share with our own little corner of the blogosphere, your latest projects, which are charming as ever, even if one of them is a dragstar. (Not that I have anything against dragstars, but they tend to eclipse the shoppers in the small wheeled bike appreciation world, so I don’t focus on them.)

With thanks,
Little Bike Blog

Dear Little Bike Blog,
Did  you get that photo I sent you of the National Jeans I spotted in South Yarra? I know it’s a girl’s bike, not strictly a shopper, but you already posted a red one (National Pride), so I thought you would love it. Do you love it? I love it! Please tell me you love it.

South Yarra region

Dear Hopeful,
I love it.

Dear Little Bike Blog,
What’s this card you left on my bike yesterday? Who are you? What’s going on? Is that my bike you’ve just posted?

North Melbourne

Dear Curious,
Sure is. I’ve got the blogging mojo back. Hooray! Feel free to write a comment and tell us about your beautiful Bianca, one of the Malvern Star family. We already love her here in Little Bike Blogosphere. I’m sure you do too.


oops, must've had the shakes: a bit blurry, but that decal is too good to reject because of my bad photographic skills.

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