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January 16, 2012

 This was spotted last week by one of my trusty little bike scouts (my erstwhile foreign correspondent no less). It’s not retro, but it is very, very, very small of wheel.

Not only small of wheel, but part of a double act…

Here’s the tall bike in its entirety …but where’s that little bike got to?

oh there it is…having a little kip.

According to my sources the rider of this tiny bit of bicycle was about 6 foot 6. The rider of the tall bike was regular height.

 I must say, that tall bike rang a bell for me (not literally, I wasn’t there at the time), that pole out the back makes me wonder if it’s an extract from the wonderful Bikezilla sometimes seen at rallies  sporting a band of musicians (me and my clarinet lucked in on a berth on it at the Walk Against Warming a few years ago, I’ve never been the same since.)

I certainly hope it’s not as I would be sad to think that Bikezilla is out of commission. Now I’ve had a good squizz at the photos, I am comforted by the thought that I am probably wrong. Relief.

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  1. Amazing!

  2. did you check out the Bikezilla link? It has some quite a bit of tech talk detailing its restoration (it languished in a warehouse for years) that I think you might like since you are that way inclined.

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