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Lucky Thursday

December 23, 2011

Lucky it was a hot day.

Lucky I decided to ride home round the river rather than through the hot, Christmas-cranky city.

Lucky the Morton Bay Fig by the conservatory in Fitzroy Gardens looked so inviting I had to stop and have a little lie down under it.

Lucky, once I was back on the road, that I was too slow off the mark to notice that the cute, powder blue bike coming towards me was a model of a Family Star I’D NEVER SEEN BEFORE, but once that realisation had sunk in the rider was away up the street and I didn’t have the heart for a chase.

Lucky I decided to stop at my local to buy a bottle of nice crisp white, because, if none of those things had happened, I wouldn’t have seen THIS:

The sun was low and strong, so I don’t feel I did it much justice (though the rider very kindly let me move it round a bit). Here it is from the side:

It looks a bit rough at first glance, but it has some charming details, such as the flared rack:

The rider tells me her friend has one the same that he has fixed up, and she suggested I could take photos of them together, (twins!) which would be great. So let’s hope she checks out this post and gets  in touch so we can make an arrangement for a twin shoot.

In the mean time, if anyone knows anything about this type of bike, it’s a Deluxe, please make a comment, as she is keen to find out more about her cute little ride.

And in the meantime meantime (can you say that? like post post script? Anyway …) here’s a nice rear shot, I suspect it’s not the original seat, but its a beauty…(the closet font-fancier in me strikes again.)

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  1. Roy Bird permalink

    Interesting. it has an unusual bottom bracket lug which unites the downtube, seat tube and chainstays, but no lug at all at the load bearing intersection of the downtube and headset. Also the seat stay and the chain stay junction seem to be solely supported by the rear wheel axle. Strange!

    • couldn’t have put it better myself…if only I had noticed. Glad the posts are providing some technical curiosity for the mechanically minded out there.

  2. That is just beautiful. So many lovely details, like the shape of the rack and the drum brake. Love the plain silver finish too. b

  3. Penny permalink

    Hey Lu! That seat looks identical to my first bike which was a red Roadmaster circa mid-80s. It didn’t look anything like this pretty silver one so, yeah, probably not the original.

    • aha, so Roadmaster is a brand of bike, not just seat. Wonder if they ever did small wheelers? Thanks Penny

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