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New discovery

November 25, 2011

Here’s another new discovery by your intrepid explorer, who ventures forth into unknown territories (the wilds of Johnston Street)  to unearth hitherto unknown folding bikes for your delection and edification. Today’s addition to the collection: a Kahlkoff  (click here for quaint bit of history about why Heinrich Kalkoff founded of this company nearly a century ago) .

Sporting (in addition to a super- cute bell with a design reminiscent of  stuff people covered shelves with in the glorious seventies) a curious pair of turny-things. (What do you call the bit on top of a bolt? A bolt head? And while I’m in this questioning frame of mind, is it really a bolt if it doesn’t have a nut? See what a mess I get myself into if I try to go anywhere near the mechanics of things? I think I will stick with saying  turny-thing.) So as I was saying, I’ve not seen a folding mechanism that looks like this before. I wonder if the turny-things are original?

The other one is on the top of the head stem (you may have noticed it in the first photo) and they don’t match. I am suspicious. Anyway, here is the little treasure in its entirety.  (I must say, from this angle those proud handle bars look very similar to those of the folding Gitane.)

It has a dynamo that’s connected to nothing and a plain but functional chain guard.

I am very fond of a chain guard. In a perfect world they would be compulsory.

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  1. I think “dynamos connected to nothing” would be the subject of a great blog or flickr pool! I’ve seen my share. “Dynamo lighting not connected to a dynamo” would be another great subject/blog/flickr pooll.

  2. indeed it would!

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