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Separated at birth

October 29, 2011

Two little bikes came my way on the same sunny day; each a slightly more world weary (but I am sure no less loved)  version of bikes I have featured in previous posts.

First, a Toyosha. I was particularly taken by the ‘Deluxe’ decal, pictured here. What a beautiful bit of typography, just love that ‘D’. But enough of that font fancying, I hear you say, this isn’t a design appreciation blog, what about the bike?

Well here is the white Toyosha of the Deluxe variety, swiftly followed by a red one that I discovered a year or so ago,  (click here to see original post) which is not a Deluxe, but is blessed with an extremely handsome headlight.

And the other discovery? None other than my heart’s desire, the humble Gitane. Here it is from the front…

and the side, just to give you the full picture

And here are some I prepared earlier. My own little green beauty (just for comparison of course – not bragging)

And another lovely yellow model, known to its rider as Jeune Gitane, polished to a sparkle-arkle-arkling finish (by the rider’s mother according to her comment on the original post).

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  1. Rob permalink

    Looks great in yellow without mudguards. Just found one on a scrapyard completely original in green. How is this model called and in which period is it produced / sold?

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