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Bike-friendly yarn bombing

October 9, 2011

Remember the yarn bombed bike in Johnston Street? (Here is a picture in case you weren’t there the first time.)

This bike inspired me to do a little yarn bombing of my own. Well sort of. It was more a protective strategy than an act of guerilla craft. I mini-yarn bombed  my shiny new big- wheeled bike, to keep it from being scratched when I locked it up to a pole, see?


Well guess what. On Friday,  on Lygon Street outside Readings I discovered some crafty individual has gone one step further, see below.

All hail to the bike-loving yarn bomber, who ever you are.

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  1. alison permalink

    As you said, not guerilla yarn bombing – more an inspired, functional design addition. Love it!

  2. you’ll like this then…
    it’s the one in Prentice St, Brunswick outside Commuter Cycles. b

    • Thanks for the link – I have discovered these beauties are everywhere, two more on Lygon St outside the bike shop that begins with P. They are courtesy of the Brunswick Bomber. Go girl.

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