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Handle bar love and a little treasure

September 24, 2011

Handlebars, definitely a key part of the personality of a bike. Turn a set of  dropped racing handles upside down and the bike will take one a whole new look (and the rider will have a whole new outlook), put a set of dragster handlebars on an  unnoteworthy bike and it will instantly have attitude. I have drooled over many a retro or retro styled handle bar, particularly those that are flat with a rounded 90 degree sweep. Perfect.

Where am I going with this? To a selection of shopper bike handle bars? No. To be honest, there is is not a great deal of variation in handle bar styles on shoppers, most have an upright sweep, (which is definitely part of their charm). Really I was just looking for an introduction to this sweety I found on Smith Street on Thursday. It doesn’t have anything particularly remarkable about it , but I loved the little personal touches on the handle bars.

So to tie in the theme, here is the other end of the extreme. A highly polished, customised low-rider with built in FM radio and hybrid handlebars. Pretty wild eh?

And on a competely different note: here is a bike that is retro, little, gorgeous, but not a shopper (could there be such a thing). Mr NS22 sent it to me, he saw it on ebay. Bidding has closed but you can go there to see more gorgeous detail of this Italian bike, which is either a child’s bike or a miniature for display purposes.

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