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North facing

September 14, 2011

I could think of worse ways to spend my retirement than sitting on a north-facing verandah of a Fitzroy terrace watching the world go by.

If this rusty old Repco could spin some yarns about its life, I wonder what it would have to say?

Would it tell of a smart young woman in a purple pants suit with broad white trimming who rode it to Taylor’s College in the city, where she was studying typing and short hand?

A boy in corduroy flares and a two-tone tee-shirt who longed for  a bike of his own,  but had to make do with this embarrassing bike of his mothers?

The boy’s mother, riding home from the shops with a string bag dangling from the handle bars, dreaming of another life? Or content in her own?

Did it have a period of exile in a cobwebby shed before being reclaimed by a niece, or a grandchild? Was it reclaimed for practical reasons, or sentimental ones?

When was its last ride?

What happens next?

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  1. Mary Sexton permalink

    Doubt the mother had much timne to dream about anything, she would be too busy trying to balance the string bag as it swung from side to side as she negotiated the perils of the traffic.

  2. i just bought the exact same bike as this.. any info on them would be appreciated. email or facebook

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