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September 7, 2011

I saw one! I saw a little bike!

Spring is in the air, and little bikes are budding! She was gliding along a cross-street as I was chugging up the hill to the intersection. By the time I got to the corner, she was a disappearing mudguard (with built-in reflector, my favourite!). Should I follow? I’d have to put in a decent chase. Was I that desperate? The mudguard reflector thing was so tempting. But no. Patience, I decided, patience and dignity. Puffing up the street after a stranger shows neither. Little Bikes are the bulbs of the bike world. They stay snug and cosy in winter, and bless us with their glory in spring. Soon…

As a consolation prize I was going to show you a pic that Mr MS22 sent of an adorable Italian vintage child’s bike that he spied on ebay…but it’s expired. So you will just have to imagine.

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