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Indi 300

August 14, 2011

Ah, poor neglected little bike blog. Not a whisper for weeks,  not a little bike in sight. So how happy was I, cruising home from the market on on a sunny Saturday afternoon, to hear the rattle and clatter of this new addition to the collection – a little bike blog first no less –  an Indi 300. I shamelessly pursued it and was rewarded with these photos and a bit of history.

The previous owner of this bike has moved to London, leaving her trusty steed to her friend who now flies the little bike flag on her behalf.

And what a cheeky little ride it is…is is just me, or does it look like it just delivered the punchline of a particularly funny joke?

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  1. ange b permalink

    hmmmm nice – hey ML love, love loves her bike

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Is this my bike??? lol i am so confused!!! oh she looks so cute, oh i miss her!!! xxx

  3. Anonymous permalink

    oh what a cute little bike, i know the owner really misses her 🙂

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