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Mudguards on my mind

June 23, 2011

I have been looking at mudguards all week. Regular readers will know I have a bit of a penchant for a nice mudguard, so much so that I have decided that my big bike looks a bit odd without them. (I pause here to lower my head and scuff my foot in shame, I admit dear reader, I am not of the true faith…I also ride a big wheeled bike…) Anyway, enough about me, back to the mudguards. I have travelled far and wide in the real and virtual worlds looking for the perfect mudguard to set off my big bike… so with mudguards on my mind I was delighted at this serendipitous find in Carlton  – a dear little red bike with  dear little red decorations on its mudguards. Have you ever seen anything like it? I haven’t.

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  1. Simon M permalink

    Those mudguards are very cool – looks like they are embossed with those icons?

    I too ride a large wheeled bike, geared and single speed. Poor Penny the Peugeot has not been out so much since the weather turned a bit feral – I’m also a bit less gung-ho since I got car-doored whilst riding her a couple of months ago! She’ll be back out in the good weather though…

  2. yep – I think embossed was the word I was searching for when I was writing the post.

    Re feral weather and car doors:
    1. I agree, steel rims and rain are not a good combination .
    2. Ouch – it must be hard not to be nervous going down streets with parked cars – I know I am always a bit spooked, and I haven’t even been doored (touch wood), though came very close once zipping down Brunswick St.and that was scarey enough, I go slower now or take Napier. Good luck getting back on Penny.

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