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Stowaway meets decoupage

June 13, 2011

I’ll be honest. When I first pulled over to check out this little silver Stowaway on Gertrude Street, I hesitated: it was silver (my least favourite bike colour), it looked a little rusty and unloved and I already had quite a few  Stowaways in the collection… then I remembered the reason for this blog. I am not just documenting the variety of small-wheelers that are out and about, I am saluting their riders.

So I started taking photos, and when I did, saw the love. Not only the cute little pin-striped bell, but the matching , and lovingly customised helmet.


That’ll learn me not to be so hasty in my judgements.

(There’s always something isn’t there…do we ever really grow up and become fully actualised human beings, or is there always just one more lesson?)

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