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Wonders never cease

June 2, 2011

Three firsts here in Little Bike Land, (which has suddenly magically graduated to a Capitalised Place, so it must be real.)

1. A Bennett.
I don’t know where they were made, where they come from, or where they’re  going. This one wasn’t going anywhere at the time, it was safely  locked up in a teeny tiny back street in Richmond.

2. A red Family Star.
Another to addition to the collection.

3. A woman moving house using the very same red Family Star.  Here she is (below). Not only was there that big bag wobbling on the pack rack, but she was also  carrying a huge back pack.

And it was raining.

Let’s hope the little red arrow was pointing her in the right direction.

  1. I think Bennetts were Aussie…

  2. Ah good, another Aussie bike brand to add to the list. Might have to investigate further. Thanks Ben.

  3. George Payne permalink

    Hi there I was wondering if you new anything about the bennett bike and how much it is worth I am restoring the Bennett exactly the same as the one at the top

    • apologies for the delay George, not online much at the moment. And apologies also that I can’t really help you, there are many great bike spotters out there with forensic knowledge of who made what when, and how much they are worth, but I am not one of them (some of them are my readers so you may get an answer sometime)
      Good luck with the bike and thanks for visiting.

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