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Gallery of gorgeousness part 2

May 19, 2011

Not a whisper of a little bike out on the streets of chilly Melbourne ladles and jellyspoons, not in my little patch of it anyway. Lucky I have a few net-noodling finds up my sleeve, just to keep the seat warm until I come across another little beauty in the flesh.

Looks suspiciously like a Raleigh 20 (it’s the smart white rear carrier bag that makes me think that)

lovely red Graecross with matching tyres

Smyrk - never heard of them. What a little ripper!

BSA Eighteen with perfect tyres

Actually I have to confess I nicked all these from a prime-find: a post on Australian Bike Forum called show us your retro small wheeled bikes, worth a look, there is much more. Gotta love those bike fixer-upper dudes.

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