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Little dog, little bike, little bit too cute

May 5, 2011

Now I’ve seen it all, I could retire from little bike stalking a happy woman this very minute, (if only I weren’t so obsessive).

This little fellow  is taken around and about in style on this reclaimed Raleigh Twenty, found on the side of the road and given a fresh coat of paint (the bike not the dog), which I might add, was done carefully to preserve the Raleigh badge (classy!) . As you can see, dog and rider (names suppressed to protect their privacy) are the epitome of bicycle chic.

I hear on the grapevine that they are regulars at Ici cafe (see Ici bike), and the dog is brought into the cafe in the basket and sits there good as gold.


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  1. Alison permalink

    This is my niece, isn’t she gorgeous?!

  2. Gary permalink

    So cute wish I was a dog!

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