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The humble Repco

April 28, 2011

Repco is an Australian company probably better known as a car parts manufacturer than a bike company, but apparently it once rivalled Malvern Star (according to a patchy site I found on the history of Malvern Star). They still sell cheap and cheerful bikes through department stores.

I came across this rusty version of a Repco shopper yesterday  (rusty but special)

which prompted me to see what others I had in the archive.

A modest collection follows:

Pink model (above) with excellent reflectors (below).

Mighty fine brown model with lovely chain guard detailing.

Big Red (so named by its rider)

Gold model with stylish seventies decal. 

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  1. i have just picked up a repco shopper for myself in green. and have spent 3 days looking on the internet until 2am trying to find the model then i found this page. i finally know. shame there isnt many more around.

    • Yep Rick, there’s not much out there on the little bikes, like you I sometimes get absorbed trying to find more. I’m afraid my site is not very technical or historical, just a survey of the bikes I see. I have been doing this for about 3 years and have built up a sketchy picture of what’s out there, I now recognise models, but I’m sure there’s so many more. I love those little bikes, I hope you enjoy your little shopper.

      Have you checked out any of the links on my blog, there’s a few that you might like if you are into restoring.

      Happy cycling.

  2. i certainly have. my poor web browser is nothing but opened tab’s most of the time. im starting to pick up on the brands more so them models, but where i live not many people have the older style bikes which is a shame. the bike is currently in pieces as unfortunately its not a good condition as your red one. so when the chrome isnt savable the only thing left to do it customise.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I have a Repco Pro Sport racer circa 1986 – it’s beautiful!

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