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Spunky little speedwell

April 24, 2011

Will you look at this spectacular seventies font: chunky and childlike, yet funky. How did they do it? I had totally forgotten that this brand of bike existed til I spotted this miniature version of one, in sad and sorry shape, but clearly well used as it comes  complete with brand new seat, hip new helmet and a sturdy lock. It’s hard to tell here but this bike looked is so small I wondered for a moment if it was a kid’s bike rather than an adult shopper.

But wait…here’s a clue: it’s called a Metro. Definitely fits the shopper brief. Tick! Another brand of little bike to add to the collection. Aren’t you glad  you visited? So much to discover!

PS. The more I look at that logo, the more nostalgic I feel. I’m thinking Miller shirts, flared cords and desert boots. In fact, I’m thinking that my first ever bike, in all its glorious 1974 purple glory may indeed have been a Speedwell. Fancy that!

PPS. I never had a Miller shirt, I just REALLY wanted one.


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