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Much loved and once loved

April 16, 2011

This little Lawrencia, was once loved (new brake levers) and now is need of a little more (shrouded in delicate spider webs).

It’s a dear little thing, let’s hope it’s just that the rider has been away for a while, not that they have thrown it off for something more high-tech or (gasp) big wheeled.

Here’s the fore and aft of its lovely 3-speed hub gears:

And  a rear view because I can’t resist (I do believe my reflection is in the mud guard )

But don’t despair little bike lovers, there are loved little bikes out there too. On the same day (this very fine and sunny autumn day) I was reunited with two bikes from posts past. The mint condition purple Peugeot spotted on sale in Smith Street some months ago (Two sides of the same coin) and the white Gitane snapped outside the Fitzroy pool (French folding friends at Fitzroy Pool) that was once ridden by one of the young ‘uns from Meet Me At Mikes, but since sold to its new rider. How do I know this? Because I met the riders. A mother and daughter team cruising around Fitzroy on their complementary French folders, taking a breather in Whitlam Park. What a family! What class!

  1. Rob permalink

    Thanks for the great photo of my wife and daughter on our french beauties. The bikes belong to my daughters and I was so inspired after your report that I bought another one for my wife. A white folder in great condition. Will send a photo soon.

    • wow that’s brilliant news, now you just need to get one for yourself!
      Yes do send the photo, you need to send me an email first via the home page so I can reply with an address to post to. (clumsy I know, but keeps the spammers at bay)

      Ride on little bike loving family!

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