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Yarn bombing on two wheels

April 8, 2011

For some time I have been enjoying a few crafty decorations around Fitzroy: a little bit of knitting wrapped around the odd sign post here and there, so imagine my delight when I came across this bike covered in knitting in Johnston Street yesterday.

Luckily I showed the photos to an arty friend before I blogged them, so now I can casually

drop in the term ‘yarn bombing’ as if I knew all along that this is the name for this gentle and humorous form of street art. (I am so hip to the groove.)

To get up to speed I did a bit of ‘research’ and discovered enough fantastic images out there to keep you from  doing what ever it is you should be doing for far too long. (Goodness is that the time?) I highly recommend a look, there’s everything from trees to buses to old fashioned telephone boxes.

I also discovered that this particular yarn bomb is a work in progress,  I found a blogged photo of it from February (here it is) and noted that one of my favourite bits, the red and white striped forks, had not yet been added. Must keep my eye out for any more additions.

My other favourite bit is the fact that the handle bars resemble a knitted coat hanger cover from a County Women’s Association fundraiser. Gotta love that.

Life is good.

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  1. hi! what a sweet blog you have…thanks for the link, and for the update on this beautiful and evolving bicycle 😀

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