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Malvern Star retrospective

March 28, 2011

Well it seems I am starting to see the same little bikes over and over again here in the humble hamlet of Fitzroy. My most recent spotting turned out to be none other than the star of one of this blogs most popular posts: Bicycle Chic Fitzroy Style. But the good news is I got to snap a few more details of her excellent Malvern Star, charmingly named Bianca.

So if I am not seeing any new bikes at the moment, let me take this opportunity to present selected highlights from the media files. The subject of my second retrospective (my fist was the ode to the Girl on a red bike) will be some sweet detailing of the Mighty Malvern Star.

Here goes…

Gertude St Malvern Star

Gertrude St Malvern Star Chain Guard

Pink Family Star chain guard

Russ’s original Malvern star bell

Bianca's saddle

Napier St embossed saddle

Gertude St Malvern Star from one end

Richmond Family Star from the other end

Jimmy the Bike Man's folding Malvern Star from the side

Greeeves St yellow Malvern Star with pink stack hat

Brunswick St Family Star up close

Cardigan St Malvern Star lounging around

Shiny and good as new low rider Malvern Star on display

Bianca with world heritage listed Exhibition Buildings

Pink family star shifter (blurry but comfortingly familiar)

and if you just got the bug and you live in South Australia, here is a gorgeous red Bianca I just found on ebay, $9.99 and counting at 11.30 pm Monday 28 March 2011, 5 hours to go.


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  1. Dan permalink

    Good morning. Dan here from SA – Golfen Grove. Saw your blog and you seem to know quite a lot about vintage Malvern Star bikes. I have a 4 x four folding Peugeots and one Raleigh stowaway. Yesterday I picked up a Malvern Star folding bike – yellow at an Estate sale, bit rusty with surface rust on chrome guards and wheels handlebars etc. I can’t find anything about these on the net at all. Do you know much about them? Rarity, price whether they are sought after by collectors / restorers. Just deciding what to do with it now, whether to restore or on sell.

    • Hi Dan, sorry about the slow response. I am more an admirer than an expert, I have no idea about price or collectability of folding Malvern Stars or any other little bikes.It seems to be quite a niche interest, with not much information out there. I hope you restore it, even if just for love. I am sure you will find someone who will love it.

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