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Gallery of gorgeousness part one

March 12, 2011

Here is a little treat. I was noodling around the net, no doubt putting off some important task, and I found myself discovering all sorts of wonderful little bikes. Some of them are on the folding cyclist link that is on my blogroll to the right, and some were lingering around Gum Tree looking for love.

Let’s start with this too good to be true contemporary folder designed by an Argentinian woman.

Rad Urban folding bike

Hard to beat really, but these retro shoppers are a sight for sore eyes too.

Mayfair Shopper (UK)

Mayfair Shopper (UK)

Graziella Tandem (Italy)

Elswick Hopper (origin unknown to me)

Duemila (Italy)

and last but not least, another contemporary bike…

make unknown to me, photographed in Japan apparently

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