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More more more Malvern Star

March 9, 2011

Despite the wet knees and soggy undies, riding in the rain does pay off. I was scooting home in a summer shower, head down to keep the rain out of my eyes, when I chanced a glance at my lucky bike-spotting spot, outside a certain European supermarket in Richmond, and was rewarded with a new addition to my collection of Family Stars (Malvern Star’s shopper bike line) – A PINK ONE.  Too perfect, (pink is my second favourite colour). Check out the basket with the Family Star liner bag – this is a first for me.

It was complete with all the lovely detailing we have come to expect from this model,including original tyres, white wall with red stripes…(sigh)…

and that fabulous matching moulded mud guard with in-built reflector…

and  not to forget the signature Malvern Star chainguard…

How delightful. I met the owner as I was afixing a calling card to the the bike, she seemed a little alarmed at first, but warmed to my mission once I explained. I asked where she came across such a beauty, and she answered Gum Tree. Oh hail the interweb for all its wonderful connecting opportunities.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Hey there could someone help me I have a bike just like this one how old would it b and would like to do it up for my littile girl but need parts

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