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Intrepid thighs

February 26, 2011

I am inspired. I have encountered two little bike riders who take their rides above and beyond my lazy neighbourhood dawdle and out into the real world of commuting and exploring. This has made me rethink my erstwhile policy of not venturing more than about four kilometers on my Gitane. I thought my thighs weren’t up to it, but I see the gauntlet has been thrown (in the nicest possible way).

This woman (who told me her name but my miss-spent youth has caused me to forget it) had just ridden her Raleigh Stowaway (which is turning out to be the bike of the month in littlebikeblog land) from Balaclava to Fitzroy, and she made out like it was a pretty usual thing. (If you haven’t ridden one of these little bikes yourself you may not realise what a feat of thigh power that is.)

But not to be outdone, meet Penny the Peugeot who was just treated to a 40 k ride by her fixer-upper and proud rider Simon.  Simon also wins an elephant stamp for being my first reader contributor. Here is what he has to say about his little buddy Penny :

Here’s Penny in all her glory – she’s far from perfect but very useable.I have a number of bikes but commute 10k each way on her at least 2 twice a week! Got into folding bikes completely by accident whilst cruising eBay one night – and ended up buying a white Peugeot NS22 for $13. Unfortunately it wasn’t totally fixable and was missing some parts so I bought another on eBay (this time orange) which was missing all the parts I already had. So I combined best of the two and with a new set of tyres she’s on the road and running beautifully!

We just completed the 40K MS Summer Cycle (including the Westgate Bridge) with no ill effects to bike or rider.

Impressive or what? ( I am also impressed by the placement of Penny in front of a hedge of much misunderstood Agapanthus – what a hardy cheery flower. I remember when there used to be a centre strip of them in Hoddle Street near the Johnston Street intersection… any flower that can thrive in that fumey world deserves respect with a capital R.)

Signing off with a photo of Simon in action on the MS Ride, just to prove he is not all talk… thanks Simon, nice shadows.

  1. bang photography permalink

    I knew it, just as I finish up bike week on my photoblog I find someone even more obsessed with scouring the world for the beauty in bikes.
    My lunchtime read for today.

    Ride on LittleBikeBlog ride on!


  2. Tony Sparks permalink

    Hi there,
    Great and Entertaining Site. I have two early seventies peugeot folders. Both in very poor condition and only one is ridable. Hoping to get both operational and then eventually fully restored. I see in the post from Simon that he re-assembled his bike from two. Just wondering if Simon may have any parts left over that he would be interested in selling. I hope that I don’t offend by asking.

    • How could you offend by asking a fellow Peugeot re-builder? Let’s hope SImon is still visiting the site so he can comment back. (Actually I realised I still have his email so I just sent him a message to have a squizz. Anything to get another Peugeot on the road.)
      Did you check out the link on called My NS22 – it’s totally dedicated to one man’s restoration of a Peugeot NS22 – he may have some tips or spares.

  3. Simon M permalink

    Hi Tony

    I really don’t have anything left that is usable to be honest!

    Penny and I got “car-doored” on Brunswick Street a few weeks back – and I got concussion and a trip tp St V’s in an ambulance out of it too!!

    Unfortunately Penny got a bent handle bar and stem in the crash – luckily these bits they were just about the only usable spares I had left! I only have a welded up frame (doesn’t fold) that I have been practising painting on and a wobbly rear wheel with a slipping cassette and a knackered tyre, so not much use I’m afraid!

    Good luck with the restorations

    Cheers, Simon

    • oh no car-doored! every cyclist’s nightmare. I hope you are in one piece and not too wary. I hope the driver was suitably contrite and took you to ST Vs themselves.

      Brunswick Street is a fun down hill, but nerve wracking – I never go full pelt anymore since having a close shave. I highly recommend Napier Street if you are passing through, nice hill, big wide bike lane, lovely trees and houses.

      So glad you could revive Penny.

      Be careful out there.

  4. Tony S permalink

    Good that you never got seriously hurt. Got to watch out for people that forget to look first. Happens alot. Shame there are no parts left over. Been trolling the web for bits for a while now. Now only need a stem clamp to get the second bike usable again leaving only the more decorative parts outstanding. Good luck with the painting. Both mine have more rust than paint and so need to be re-done. I’m also putting together an image from the existing decals that I can print on decal paper so that I can retain the original look of the frame.

  5. Joe and Belle permalink

    Hello All, my name is Joe and my Ns22 is Belle,Penny’s twin from above. Belle like many Ns22’s has a busted tail lens. I am an accomplished moldmaker and reproductions caster (from model parts to candles and chess sets) and would give chioce body apendages to get a complete one as a loaner to cast a mold. I’d be thrilled as it and a headlamp are all she needs to have an acceptable restore. I’m not alone in needing these and would be thrilled to offer repros at cost only to other ’22 lovers doing builds. Text me if you have a loaner! 15054506547 usa,florida thx Joe

  6. Rob permalink

    I am looking for a high-tech conversion, big 52 chainwheel and narrow rims and tires. Anybody? Maybe even dropbars installed or fixed gear.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    i have a ns peugeot for sale.150.00, my phone name is viola leave a message.or email is in a1 shape. looking forward to hear from anyone.

    • Anonymous permalink

      still have the NS22 for sale?

  8. Joe permalink

    Hello all, I’m looking for anyone who knows where I can get a pair of 22″ White Wall tires for my Peugeot NS22 that I want to restore. Unfortunately this is a wheel size not commonly manufactured but then I see photos like these that have beautiful white walls. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Joe,
      There is not much traffic in this site anymore as it’s retired as a regular blog, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for a reply if I were you. Good luck with your project.

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