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Bleak week in little bike land

February 19, 2011

Indeed it has been a bleak week or two in the little bike spotting world. I have spotted four, but three of them were in transit and not snappable, and the only stationary one I spied is part of a sad story of a soured enthusiasm.

I had two encounters in one day last week: the first a charming exchange of smiles between me and a woman riding in the opposite direction on a fetching pink shopper. The second, a very uncharming remark by a bloke on a folding Peugeot. I was riding  on a short errand in the back streets on a balmy evening,  bare-headed as I am sometimes wont to be in these warm-night low-risk situations ( I’m a rebel, me!) when I scooted up next to the man on the  Peugoet and complimented his bike. He mumbled something incomprehensible, I asked him to repeat and received the command “get a helmet”. Well that certainly took the wind out of my sails. I gave him an exaggerated salute and a ‘YES SIR’ and zoomed off, but my bravado was only a cover.  I tried to put it behind me but when I came across the same model bike neatly parked on the street a while later I didn’t even have the heart to photograph it. I was so gloomy I had to go to Marios and eat a delicious seafood risotto that I couldn’t really afford. That fixed me up.

So in the theme of broken dreams,but on a cheerier note, here’s a little bit of art that makes me smile. It’s called Broke Bike Mountain,it was an installation at The Village Festival late last year ( I have been saving it up).

Hard to get an idea of it here, but believe me – it was inspired. I found a few little bikes amongst the carnage…

a bit of a Northern Star peeping through…

a Vega…

and if you look closely you can see an upside down Stowaway deep in the pile …serendipitiously (if that’s a word) a Stowaway was thefourth bike I spotted,the same style and colour as this one, but intact and in good care, gliding up my street just this morning. So it all comes good in the end… Sigh.

  1. Simon M permalink

    I’ve been taking an interest in your blog since becoming the fixer-upperer/owner of Penny The Peugeot (1978 Nouveau Style) last year

    Hopefully to add a bright ending to your bleak week, Penny and I completed the 40km MS Summer Cycle yesterday (20th Feb) to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis. She (and her rider) performed faultlessly, crossing the Westgate Bridge along the way.

    I know it seems like Peugeot Nouveau Styles are almost two a penny (sorry Penny!) but I didn’t see any other vintage ‘little bikes’ of any kind on the day! And I got a few incredulous looks bowling past people on the last hill of the day too…


    PS can you tell me the best way to post an image to your blog?

    PPS I am not the Peugeot rider in your post above!

    • Oh that is good news indeed. Great to know you and Penny did the 40k ride: heros both!I don’t have any fancy way to post images to the site, I will send you an email so you can send me a pic which I will post. I look forward to adding Penny to the site. Thanks for the cheer up.

  2. See how the Peugeot comes off in a collision with a car:

    • a sobering reminder about the power of cars and bike helmets. Let’s hope you can rebuild her.

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