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Your turn

January 31, 2011

I hope the person who owns this bike doesn’t mind that I snuck through their gate to take this shot, but how could I resist a folding Gitane in such tip top condition? Otherwise it would I would only have been a shot of it behind bars…

in which case, how could we appreciate the fine detail, such as the front carrier, which I haven’t seen
before, or the perfectly preserved in-built lights?

This got me thinking. I have been pondering the idea of inviting fellow little bike fans to send me photos of  bikes, be they ones they own, or ones they stumble across in their travels. I’m telling you, once your eyes are in tune to the small wheel, you see them everywhere. Here are two more I spied in the last week.

This one is a Hallmark, I have only seen one before, and not quite as smart. Looks like it has taken a leaf out of the Malvern Star ‘ book when it comes to the chain guard: nice.

And one more to get you inspired, another first, spotted on Brunswick Street last Friday.

It was dusk so apologies for the poor image, plus I was with company, so had to snap and run, though I did get time to get the name: Cinzia.

Never heard of it. Excellent, another triumph for the little bike trivialist. And a folder to boot!

And so dear readers, this is the plan, if you have a little bike you love, or spot one out and about, send me a message using this contact form,  

and let me know what you would like to post . I will email you directly so you can send me back your photo, and if it fits the brief, I will post it. ( I know that’s a bit clunky but it keeps the spammers at bay).

The brief? Well, as you had probably noticed, this is a very niche interest. We are talking 60s – 80s shoppers, small frame, small wheels.I generally don’t post dragsters or low riders; they have been loved to bits on other sites I am sure. Though I do indulge a hybrid such as a shopper with a dragster handles or seat. And of course, if they are folders,I am in heaven.

  1. Here is a comment from the very proud owner of CINZIA emailed to me through the contact form, posted as comment with his blessing:

    Yea the ‘little red Cinzia’ you spotted on brunswick st, she’s my playmate, i love riding her everywhere i need to go, coburg north-west footscray-st kilda etc, and lately for rides on the trains, she’s compact and reliable and i love her love her love her. i wish i had more time to go on long rides all day and night up the creeks and river tracks because i’m at ease with her and if she had a heart she’d love me too.
    i found her at Euroa tip manny years ago for $5 and for a number of years she remained in dust while my more modern “high tech” expensive heaps of shit wore out rapidly, broke up and continued to consume large amounts of cash. as last year came to an end i brought Cinzia back to life and at very little cost, now she comforts me.

  2. And here is the comment emailed to me from the Gitane rider:
    Comment: I am the proud owner of the little Jeune Gitane at the top of this post. Usually Jeune carries a little wicker basket on the handlebars, but alas you cought him on a naked day. While I take extremely good care of my bike I must admit that my mum polished him to his current chroming sparkle, and hence she will be thrilled to see this post. Thankyou for introducing me to this little blog. I will be visiting quite frequently from now on.

  3. hmmm, just noticed the boy rider calls his bike ‘her’, and the girl rider calls hers ‘him’. Just an observation…curious eh?

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