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January 26, 2011

Ok, I admit it: I went on the prowl. It’s Aussie Aussie Oi day, a day of mixed feelings for me and many like minded people I’m sure. (On the political side: difficult to celebrate the beginning of dispossession of  world’s oldest living culture, on the frivolous side: fun to have a day off in the middle of the week. What can you do? Go to work in protest?)

A public holiday brings people to the park, and the people bring their bikes. Edinburgh Gardens was positively heaving with both this fine evening; ripe for little bike stalking. So stalk I did.

Here’s a little Repco in excellent condition (spotted riding past my flat an hour or so earlier, so I was very pleased with the follow through there).

It’s called a Uni 22, that’s a new one to me. Marketed to both sexes I presume. I wonder if it succeeded? Though with a chain guard like this I don’t see how it could possibly fail.

And bike number 2 of the day: a French prize, the Peugoet folder, in a fetching bronzy brown sort of colour, another first for me.

The rider told me it was made in 1972 and as you can see, it is in near mint condition; it must have spent a long time in a shed somewhere before she got it.

I am happy to report she rides it everywhere, so it is finally getting the work out it deserves.

Not only that, she is giving it 21st century care: she recently put on these very fine white walled tyres, which she got from a  French website called xxcycles at a very reasonable price in a very reasonable amount of time.

(If I was super-savvy I would insert a hyperlink, but according to WordPress my wigwam is not connected to my goose’s bridle so I am not allowed).

  1. I notice it has no gear lever and no front rack. Can you see if it has the 5-speed cluster? All the ones I’ve seen in Australia have been 5-speed.

    • I looked at another photo I had in the library, but the cluster was cut off there as well. A Mystery!

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